Become a Trade Buddy?

If you would like to become trade buddies with me, please email me at or fill out the form below! If you are updating your information, feel free to use this form and indicate in the "Comments" section that your are updating your link or something else.


  1. Must have at least two TCGs in common with me at time of application - an exception will be made if you're only a member of one TCG upon applying.
  2. Must choose an Ensemble Stars chibi from this wiki (check refrence tab for the character you want). If the background isn't blank, link it anyway! I'll just cut it out if necessary before I resize it. [If you don't provide one, I'll pick one for you!]
  3. Must keep link updated; I will check for dead links - but I will not go out of my way to find your new link if your post moved.


  1. Access to future & keeping cards - without having to trade a card from my collecting decks (but you will have to ask me directly if it's in my future pile).
  2. Cards will be held for you upon request. (Email/request must be sent manually.)

Application Form

Common TCGs
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