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These will not be traded away under any circumstance unless I offer them. A deck is moved to collecting once I have at least 8 cards from it. If something is listed under desired decks, then I want the deck but have no cards from it.

desired decks

absent00 agi00 amberamour00 aspire00 barrettes00 calamityhawk00 embrace00 feminist00 flameslash00 frei00 highly00 honeybuddha00 leblanc00 leicester00 lolol00 misty00 mona00 noir00 phan-site00 pragmatist00 progrock00 prosecutor00 proven00 rainbowshot00 rap00 rhapsody00 selfies00 sylphid00 tested00 trackstar00



315pro02 315pro10 315pro12 315pro14 maleidols06 maleidols13 onoken08 pristo01 pristo06 pristo13 pristo20